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Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Because recovery from a substance abuse disorder is ongoing, St. Mary’s offers a range of treatment options designed to meet each patient’s changing needs. We are a 12-Step inspired program staffed with professionals with a wealth of knowledge surrounding chemical dependency issues. Abstinence and recovery from drugs and alcohol are the goals of our treatment.

Treatment begins with an assessment to determine the level of care appropriate for the individual seeking help. A treatment plan is created after the initial assessment. Medical detoxification, if necessary, is provided in an acute hospital setting. For less intensive therapy, outpatient services are offered which allow participants to maintain daily work or school schedules. We also offer outpatient services for individuals leaving a residential treatment facility. Depending on individual needs, therapy sessions and educational classes are held at least two days a week.

For more information about our substance abuse services, call 464-2500.

Many support groups for various addictions are also available at St. Mary’s. Visit our events page for more information.