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What to Expect: Radiation Therapy

On the day of your first treatment, you will be positioned using your immobilization device on the treatment table. The Tomotherapy machine will then take a CT scan of the treatment region using its high-energy beam, and the images will be superimposed on your simulation CT scan. If these two sets of images do not exactly superimpose, the Tomotherapy machine will adjust the treatment table or its programmed plan to deliver your treatment as close as possible to the planned treatment.

The actual treatment may take five to fifteen minutes to complete. You will not feel anything during the treatment, and you will not see any movement of the machine, which is shaped like a large CT scanner. During the treatment, the high-energy Linear Accelerator within the machine will be rotating in a pattern of a CT scan and will be continuously changing to shape itself to your anatomy. This process will be repeated for every one of your treatments to assure the greatest precision and accuracy. Your radiation therapists lead this process.

Radiation treatments are typically given daily, Monday through Friday.