Cardiovascular Services

HSHS St. Mary's Hospital is committed to providing the best cardiology care possible to the people of this region. Our long-standing relationship of more than 25 years and committed partnership with nationally-recognized Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois means you don't have to look any further for advanced heart care. 


National Reputation Heart Care

The Prairie Heart Institute at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital... It's all the heart technology and all the heart experts.  All at the heart of HSHS St. Mary's Hospital.

Prairie Heart Institute at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital brings you access to Board-certified cardiologists, heart surgeons and vascular specialists in one convenient place.

Our state-of-the-art Cath Lab includes the latest technology. With a high-resolution cardio x-ray system and cardiac nuclear medicine camera, we are able to enhance patient comfort while providing superior quality images, faster and more efficiently.

We are proud to bring the future of heart care to central Illinois. And we are committed to providing our community exceptional health care—today and tomorrow.


HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital is proud to be part of the Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois, the leading provider of cardiac care in Illinois. Because HSHS St. Mary’s is Decatur’s exclusive home for the full spectrum of Prairie cardiovascular care, you now have convenient access to Prairie’s nationally recognized, world-class cardiac and vascular  services, without having to leave your community.

The strength of our partnership is in the network of the Prairie Heart Institute. Once you arrive at HSHS St. Mary’s for cardiovascular services, your care is no longer limited by what’s in the room, in the building or in the city.  Your records are entered into the Prairie Heart Institute system, and you have access to resources at all Prairie Heart Institute locations. Prairie physicians provide a comprehensive range of cardiac and vascular procedures at HSHS St. Mary’s and HSHS St. John’s Hospitals.

St. Mary’s cardiac catheterization lab is digitally connected to the Prairie Heart Institute in Springfield.

If a problem is found during the catheterization, interventional cardiology procedures are performed at HSHS St. Mary’s by experienced Prairie interventional cardiologists.

Electrophysiology procedures are also performed by Prairie physicians at HSHS St. Mary’s to diagnose and treat arrhythmias (heartbeat disorders).

HSHS St. Mary’s vascular lab provides diagnostic and interventional procedures in the same room.

Your comprehensive cardiac care team includes exceptionally trained, experienced and compassionate physicians and clinicians.

If cardiovascular rehabilitation is needed, HSHS St. Mary’s provides a high-quality and convenient experience.

For more information about Prairie at HSHS St. Mary’s, please call 217-422-6100.