Congratulations! Experiencing the miracle of childbirth is one of life’s greatest joys.

At St. Mary’s Hospital, we are so honored when mothers choose to welcome their children into the world at our hospital. We understand that comfort and confidence are the keys to your healthy, happy birthing experience. That is why we surround our new mothers with a relaxing environment filled with positive, supportive staff members and top-notch neonatal care. Our goal is for you to have your best birthing experience.

Our compassionate and supportive nurses work with you and your prenatal provider to facilitate the kind of birth that you want. Our nurses respect the wishes of our laboring mothers, including following birthing plans as much as possible with respect to the health and safety of the mother and child. We also know that not all births go according to plan. That is why we are equipped with a surgical suite for cesarean births, whether they be planned or an emergency.

We invite you to learn more about all the ways that St. Mary’s can support you during this life-changing time.


  • Learn more about preparing for your birth, including choosing a care provider, our prenatal clinic, prenatal classes and tours, pre-registering at the hospital and what to bring for your delivery.
  • Discover what to expect when you deliver at St. Mary’s, including your birthing suite, special packages to enrich your experience, our special care nursery and breastfeeding support available to you.
  • Explore the postnatal support that’s available after you leave St. Mary’s.