Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

HSHS St. Mary's Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation team would like the opportunity to serve you! With rehab programs on the campus of St. Mary's Hospital and at Fields-Wright Medical Facility in Sullivan, we offer convenient, quality care close to home. Our program is goal-oriented to enhance wellness and improve your cardiopulmonary risk profile through exercise, education, and support.
  • Graduated exercises are adapted to meet your individual needs, limitations and goals.
  • Education to identify risk factors and methods to improve cardiovascular health are offered to you and your family through one-on-one sessions and group education.
  • Ancillary services are also available for dietary, pharmacological, psychosocial, and/or spiritual needs.
Benefits of our structured program of exercise and education include improvement of your risk profile and enhancement of cardiopulmonary strength and endurance.

For more information, please call 464-2056.
COPD Program