Stroke Care Services

St. Mary’s provides comprehensive stroke care services to meet the many needs of stroke victims. Our accreditation as a Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission means that our stroke care services exceed the standards set by this national hospital quality organization.

Emergency Department

Your specialized stroke care begins the moment you enter our Hospital with our Emergency Department (ED). St. Mary’s ED provides personalized stroke care upon your arrival. Suspected stroke patients go immediately to the Radiology Department for a CT scan of the head, and the results are obtained from the radiologist within minutes of completion.

While the patient is still in the ED, the emergency physician will make contact with a neurologist, neurosurgeon or a vascular surgeon based upon the results of the patient’s CT scan. Stroke care decisions are made within 45 minutes of arrival based upon the CT scan, lab results and patient’s overall condition.

Timing is of particular importance for stroke patients as those who present within three hours of symptom onset are prime candidates for the drug t-PA. T-PA is a game-changing stroke treatment that helps dissolves clots and restores blood flow to the brain tissue that is dying from lack of oxygen.
The nurses and physicians within the Emergency Department follow a specialized set of guidelines as recommended by the American Stroke Association and the American Heart Association, which are reviewed on a regular basis by specialists worldwide. St. Mary’s adherence to these guidelines ensures that our patients receive the most up-to-date stroke care available.

Inpatient Care

The next step in stroke care is admission to a nursing unit. Every nurse at St. Mary’s receives specialized training to care for stroke patients, ensuring that all stroke patients receive the absolute best stroke care available. While on a nursing unit, patients receive specialized stroke treatment, education, as well as evaluations for speech, occupational and physical therapy. Individualized treatment plans are developed for each stroke survivor. Stroke treatment at St. Mary’s includes medical, surgical and rehabilitation options for stroke prevention or to repair some of the damage resulting from a stroke.

In addition, dietitians evaluate and provide recommendation on dietary needs. Pastoral services visits patients and are available as needed. Other stroke care services include a neuropsychologist and massage therapist.

Advanced Rehabilitation Center

Once a stroke survivor is ready for extensive rehabilitation services, St. Mary’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is available to provide intensive, comprehensive rehabilitation services along with inpatient medical care. The ARC is a unique therapeutic setting for stroke survivors that uses a holistic approach to rehabilitation—caring for you body, mind and spirit—along with an interdisciplinary care plan including various forms of therapy, medical services, behavioral health services and family training and support.